London Life: A Guide in 10 Points (in no particular order)

These are for debate; what do you think? People have been at this one for years. I presume nothing; was just thinking whilst walking from Islington to Waterloo. Maybe I should find more work?

1) Walk everywhere

It’s never really that far, and then the town with all the random lanes and squares is yours.

2) If you can’t walk, cycle

But don’t wear lycra and go really fast. Cruise along and smile at lycra people at the lights when you catch them up.

3) Observe people from exciting vantage points

Bill Bryson said he loved the arch at Hyde Park Corner. Look at all those people rushing around, then stroll off at the same speed. There are benches with awesome views all around too.

4) Find random historical corners

One of my favourites is Little Britain by the Museum of London, as it’s so peaceful but close to all of the action. Or here near Holborn, the church of St. Alban the Martyr.

The Resurrection , by St. Alban the Martyr

The Resurrection, near St. Alban the Martyr

5) Do the free things

Some are found online, many are not. Look at the rotting sign for a free lunchtime concert and go.

6) Talk to people – all of them

Some people get a little scared, but there are so many people who love a chat, many of whom are almost invisible.

7) Become a little eccentric

My dad started wearing an Austrian hunting hat to work. Made him feel a little better. Or sing in the street?

8) Be the email boss

Compartmentalise – slap the phone away and email at email time only.

9) Green Spaces

I’m typing this in Lincoln Inn Fields watching some tennis. The beech trees here are tremendous!

Lincoln's Inn Fields

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

St. George's Gardens, near Gray's Inn Road

St. George’s Gardens, near Gray’s Inn Road

10) Independent London

There are now loads of trendy apps to tell you where independent London is. It’s so much more personal and varied, and there’s so much of it around!

The King's Arms, near Waterloo, my end point!

The King’s Arms, near Waterloo, my end point!

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