Tetbury: St. Mary the Virgin

The Annunciation as you enter the west doors

New internal west door, recently blessed by the Bishop


Planting by the East window

Wild Flowers in the churchyard

The local bookshop

Tetbury is a lovely village. The church is everything a village church should be: a community hub and, visably, remains the active spiritual centre of the village. There is a very active and loving community of volunteers, a heritage exhibition of the town back to its founding in the 7th century, and a choir. The church also sponsors a choral scholar and an organ scholar. 

The church was rebuilt in the 18th century, early neo-gothic. Impressive array of box pews, if that’s your thing. New art by the west door, a new door. Quite arresting as you enter, for either good or bad reasons. It’s an inspiring community with a strong sense of mission. The fact that the nearby bookshop plays Bach on the stereo and lets you sit and browse for as long as you want is a definite bonus. 

The churchyard is a haven of wildlife. It’s partly carefully maintained, with straight edges and careful, often interesting planting. Around the north side, nature is set free and wild flowers and garlic is in abundance. It is a place where families spend the afternoon on a May bank holiday; it is blissful.