Two Years

After two years of study at Trinity, I’ve now finished and got the results. Two years of:

Nerves, self-doubt, exhilaration, comradery, joy, fear, lessons, coaching, cycling, teaching, tears, laughter. 2 lessons a week, coachings, language classes, dietary situations, gardening, 6 operas, 20 miles cycling a day, tours, Shanghai, USA, Switzerland, learning lyrics, recording, conducting. Singing with amazing pianists from all over the EU- Portugal, Italy, Holland, Germany, Austria, France, UK. 

I’ve moved house and married the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met. Become an uncle. 

Thank you to Sophie Grimmer and Helen Yorke, Rianka, Edgar, Francesca, Ashley and everyone at Trinity for two amazing years. Here’s to more amazing music in the years to come. 

King Charles Court