Goodbye Facebook, Instagram

I’ve deleted them. Not that that’s really possible. Upon hitting the blue delete button on my page, I saw the following: ‘We have deactivated your account for 14 days. You can reactivate it an any time. After this, your data will be deleted.’. Who knows how true that will prove to be. When we signed up 12 years ago, we naively thought that we could share photos of each other and look up people we didn’t know; in short, it was fun. As the ads crept in gradually, it was easy not to notice them too much, or not to think about how they came to be there. Only now that the true nature of Facebook’s business model has been unveiled have I truly understood the power that we give these platforms, sacrificing our free time, imaginations and our data for free. So, goodbye FB, and hello to more WordPress.

On that note, by new favourite place to view the new breed of the selfie tourist is the Millennium Bridge by St. Paul’s. I walk over it at the same time each week and there is a queue on the south side every time, no matter the weather, for a selfie with the cool reverse bridge thing framing the cathedral to the north. It was on the cover of Sebastian Faulks’ book ‘A Week in December’ and there must now be literally millions of these pictures, with people posing by the identical view. Some now have serious photographic gear now too – large tripods and dirty great lenses. Why do we do this?

This one was fun – the chap with the backpack had to keep walking north to get the reflective, brooding shot of him contemplating the dome. He repeated this 10 times at least.

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