Closing an Amazon Account

Have you ever tried to close an Amazon account? Having read the piece in the Guardian today about Amazon’s world dominance, I decided to cancel Prime and close my account. It’s hilariously difficult. To start with, there is no option on the site to close an account.

1) You have to find the ‘contact us’ page, accessible only through a separate web search, so far as I could see, and start a web chat with an Amazon bot.

2) You ask to close you account, and the bot asks you why. You tell them, and they ask if you are sure and aware of the disastrous consequences to your life.

3) The bot then sends you an email, which contains a long list of reasons not to close your account.

4) You then click on a link, and send another email requesting that your account be closed and all data deleted.

This was an hour ago – currently my account is still there, nothing has happened and I just got a marketing email.

How can we escape??



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